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Word on the street is that The Gnomes are planning another invasion of the Beaverton Motel & Sports Bar on June 10! Independent sources suggest a potential bikini contest is to take place, but information remains unconfirmed. We can only suggest being there to find out!
The Gnomes are proud to play in support of the Uxbridge Girl Guide 1st Ecuador 2018 Independent Trip Unit! Support a great cause and don't miss the show, June 17th at Wixan's Bridge! More details available at the Unit's Facebook page.
It was a full house at the Beaverton Motel & Sports Bar last night, and the Gnomes were on fire! Loads of rowdy crowd participation, and even some guest singing appearances! Look for the Gnomes back at Beaverton June 10th!

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1st Ecuador 2018 Independent Trip Unit

The Band

John Dewar
John Dewar:

Guitar, Harp & Vocals
Ralph Bose
Ralph Bose:

Guitar, Taurus Pedals & Vocals


Bob Moore
Bob Moore:

Brent Kehoe
Brent Kehoe:

Bass & Vocals

Gnome Addicts

/nōm/ /ˈadikts/
Proper noun.
Rock and Roll band from the Greater Toronto Area. Generally considered notorious for pumping elevated levels of energy and excitement into entertainment establishments, particularly on a full moon.